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“A great lifestyle is a collection of personal values and convictions learned, embraced and practiced”.

The Tough Boot & Co. has evolved into a full fledge culture focused on personal growth and individuality. We are committed to the idea of sharing inspiration to curate a man’s lifestyle. Not only through fashion, but through an integration of genuine common interests and the pursuit of constant betterment. Using history as a reference point, our style is full of classic and timeless elements that remind us of the days when quality and character were important.

The Tough Boot & Co. comes as the perfect fusion of Heirloom Quality new menswear and rare Vintage Men’s pieces and accessories. Our lifestyle reflects a substantial influence of the explorers and icons of the 20th century where top quality made by hand in the USA tailored pieces meet with original garments that have earned their character and patina by pulse. Good quality never goes out of style and with that in mind, we are bringing back a product with original character that blends perfectly with a modern man’s wardrobe.

Located in the Westside on 486 14th street . in Atlanta, We are the first Men’s store that combines quality heritage brands like Filson and Barbour,  limited edition collections made in the USA and Rare classic Vintage men’s garments and accessories to not only raise the bar, but to create a complete different level of personalized style.





Strength and originality in a person's nature.

About Luis Toache

Luis Toache, The owner of The Tough Boot & Co. Started developing the concept in 2004. His initial idea has evolved with every piece he has acquired for his private collection which has been salvaged from almost every city he visits in the world.

A seasoned Artist and Art Consultant he has been trained and submerged in the art and design world for over two decades. Men’s fashion is something he was introduced at a very young age by his father who was an avid style enthusiast and serial enterpreneur.

Making the transition from Fine Art to fashion happened very naturally. “As an artist,  I will never stop creating”. And men’s fashion just adds a whole new dimension to the creative endeavors. “It truly makes me happy to meet people that enjoys fashion and gets so excited when they discover this world of inspiration I have put together for them”.

About Roy Toache

Roy Toache's vast experience in finance, procurement of consumer goods and deep interest for men's fashion, makes up for an exceptional and powerful combination. Joining The Tough Boot & Co. team in 2014, Roy has brought a new vision and amazing possibilities for brand development. Aside from his impeccable taste and style, Roy has been a crucial piece of the puzzle by not only holding the back end, but also contributing to gradually develop this rare concept.

About Marketa Holanova

When it comes to sensibility and intuition, Marketa steps up to the plate and knocks it out of the park. Although her stronghold is Architecture, her absolute domination of the social media world and incredible eye for aesthetics landed her as our digital marketing and social media Manager. 

Marketa, Originally from Moravia, in the Czech Republic, graduated from Prumyslova Skola Stavebni (School of Engineering and Construction) in Ostrava, CZ. 

Since 2012 Marketa has been a crucial part in the creation and promotion of The Tough Boot & Co. concept. 

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486 14th ST. ATLANTA, GA. 30318





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