Can I dress down my suit jacket and wear it in a more casual setting? Lets say with jeans?

Q: Can i dress down my suit jacket and wear it in a more casual setting? Lets say with jeans?

A: Can you? Yes. Should you? No.

Suit jackets are typically made with a more restrictive and sturdy structure. The fabrics used, display little tolerance to wrinkles giving an unmistakeable formal look. From crisp angular shoulders to canvas lined chest plates, the suit jacket says anything but casual.

Even though the suit jacket, the blazer and the sport coat share some design similarities (like sleeve buttons, lapel, side pockets and back vents) there is a world of difference between them and it is ALWAYS better to know these differences before everybody else does.

So here is the scoop:

-Suit jacket

Rigid construction and finer fabrics gives it a very formal feel.

ALWAYS wear this jacket as a suit.

NEVER try to make look casual


Softer construction and more durable breathable fabrics makes the blazer more practical. Great for spring and summer activities.

ALWAYS keep at least 3 colors and textures in your closet

NEVER worry if it looks wrinkled

-Sports Coat

Soft construction with even more durable and warmer fabrics and a strong utilitarian feel. Often with a higher count of front buttons and pockets. Also, elbow patches, shooting patch and epaulets are very common. Great for fall and winter activities.

ALWAYS wear in any kind of casual and social environment

NEVER doubt the versatility of the sport coat. Best investment you haven't made yet.

Disclaimer: Many designers and brands are creating suits with softer structures and more casual fabrics. These modern suits, in some instances can be split and worn separately. But dont worry about that right now.

Also, wearing the right jacket at the right time doesnt guarantee looking your best. Remember that FIT is extremely important as well.

For now, lets keep reading, learning and making this world a better place.