Nailing the business casual look with these 2 tweaks to your wardrobe.

So, business casual. The marriage of two of the most common sides of our lives. in fact, the fling started even before “casual’ was an actual style. In the 1800’s there was no casual. The style was born in the beginning of the 1900’s and gained mainstream acceptance by the end of the 1940’s with wide spread and freshly discovered mass marketing and advertising methods like movies, TV and publications. Icons like Marlon Brando, James Dean, and Elvis Presley catapulted a working class functionalism into a style as a form of expression.

Since then, casual has been morphing at every step trying to find its own personal identity in a mainstream society.

By the 1950’s, with the growing exposure to European culture, casual style began to get more ideas and gained appeal in the middle and high circles. At this point most Americans understood the utility of “casual” as a differentiation from business life. People began to compartmentalize their lives in “Business” and “off business” through fashion.

Fast forward 50 years or so. The trend that was born to fracture a rigid and unforgiving style, has worked his way, blurring the lines that once clearly separated our professional and personal lives as these, have inevitably begun the process of melding together.

Here are a couple of ideas to advance in that fateful melding process:

  1. Fit is extremely important

Business/casual style treats your casual clothes like business. And business is clean cut in a tailored manner, therefore your casual clothes should fit that way.

-Denim Jeans are a trademark of the Business/Casual look and they should be cared for (if not better) as tailored slacks. slim cuts look less sloppy and the hem should be barely touching your shoes when standing straight.

-Dress shirts in crisp but slightly looser weaves are ideal. And please tuck that shirt in. you are not 15 anymore.

-Blazers come in all sorts of styles and fabrics. wool/linen/cotton blends work great. Patch pockets, 2 or 3 button and single rolled lapel work best

  1. Cleanliness will mark the difference

spotlessness is one of the traits from the business side of this style.

-Shoes are the one thing that makes a huge difference when you get close to a man. keep your shoes clean and shinned at all times. a good quality shoe and a good pair of shoe trees will go a long way

-Clean and simple accessories to perfectly compliment the look. Nice leather belts with a simple buckle, clean simple watch (40 to 42mm. no bigger than that). avoid exaggerated jewelry and accessories.

well, i think this will do it. Add these 2 tips to your arsenal and the rest will be a bunch of common sense and balance.