Q: I have been thinking about purchasing a nice pair of shoes. Should I even worry about shoe trees?

A Nice pair of shoes.. what does that even mean? Regardless of the level of quality, (we could write a book about that but, who’s got time for that) shoes are the item that receives the most wear and tear and it is also the most neglected item in our wardrobe. Our shoes are in clear, direct and present contact with the elements and extreme rough surfaces 100% of the time. We over estimate them and take them for granted. So, it is understandable why some people don’t want to spend too much money on a “nice pair of shoes”.

A few weeks ago, a guy came into the store and told me it was about time to get another pair of shoes since the shoes he bought 8 months ago were in their final hours.

I asked: what kind of shoes do you have?

He said: Oh, I just get my shoes from Aldo. I really don’t want to spend too much money since they only last a few months.

Well, here I see a backwards correlation. Some people think shoes are supposed to last 6-8 months so why spend more than 150.00 for a pair. when the reality is, the reason your shoes last 6-8 months is because they are, and I say this in a good way, …cheap. I did the quick math: 150.00/pair every 8 months X 6 years= 1350.00 US dollars.

Now, getting back to our point. A good pair of shoes is made to last indefinitely (many years) provided they are taken care of. Mainly in the form of moisturizing the leather with a good polishing cream, wax or conditioner (at least once a week) and maintaining the shape of the shoe with… you guessed it.. Shoetrees.

If you create a habit of polishing your shoes once a week and slipping shoetrees every night, your nice pair of shoes will last a lifetime.

Shoe trees help keep the original shoe form and keeps the leather stretched, avoiding wrinkle patterns that can turn into cracks. they also help draw out humidity and odors that can quickly deteriorate leather, stitching and other components.

So, if you are getting a nice pair of shoes this season, the real question is, how many shoetrees should i get with my nice shoes? as these relatively inexpensive accessories will definitely help you protect your investment.

Now, on to the next point. What does a “nice pair of shoes” exactly mean… but we’ll be writing about it in our next newsletter..

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