Are you as stylish as you think you are?

There is no denying you have style, because you do have your own style. But, there is a slight difference between style, fashion and fashion sense. -Style Style is the way we express ourselves. Either through fashion, music, words, food or art, our personal style is the "tone" in which we communicate the world who we are and what we think. -Fashion Fashion is a "medium" we use to communicate our message. Think of it this way: music is a medium to express myself and jazz is the tone (or style) I use to communicate the message. -Fashion Sense Now, Fashion sense is, as the word says it, a sensitivity to detect the best or most effective ways to deliver our message. The clearer the message, the more understood and appealing it will be. And that is why style is a crucial part of fashion or any form of expression for that matter. ​ Here is a quick test to identify how effective your style is in communicating your message through fashion. Answer the following questions with: "Agree" or "Disagree". 1. Style is a way to express Myself. 2. My Appearance sends a message. I am 100% aware of what that message says. 3.I believe my style changes and evolves constantly. 4. Style can be tweaked and enhanced every day by curious learning. 5. Money doesn't buy style. 6. There is a resiprocal ambivalence between the clothes that make the man and the man that makes the clothes. 7. The fact that I don't understand someone's style, doesn't mean it is the wrong style. 8. Side by side, I believe Style speaks more about who I am, than fashion. 9. Whatever my style is, it should be presented in a clear way.

10 it is important to be aware of my own style because it is an important tool for people to know more about me. Although there is no right answer, we have picked the answers that we believe deliver the clearest and most appealing message to its audience. Give yourself 5 points for every "agree" answer and add 0 points for every "disagree" answer.

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