The new wave of Luxury Resale for Men and why they don't want you to know.

It used to be fun going hunting for an amazing find at goodwill. Until goodwill realized how much money was on the luxury resale business. In the past 10 years the world has witnessed the birth of a new category that feeds on individuality, environmental consciousness, value awareness and opportunity. The Luxury Resale Business has been an extreme success in big cities like New York, LA, San Fran, London and Paris giving people the opportunity to own Hard to find, unique and stylish garments while inadvertently, reducing our carbon footprint and letting the first owner take the initial depreciation hit. The trend has been of such magnitude that, even Luxury brands like Ralph Lauren and Ghurka are starting to buy and resale their own preowned articles, sometimes at a higher price than new. Other Luxury Resale Boutiques are understanding this unique value and catering to a hungry market. A Luxury Resale Boutique just opened in Rodeo Dr. In Beverly Hills right next to Louis Vuitton carrying rare pieces for astronomical prices. Many high profile personalities love the concept that focuses not on used merchandise but in the fact that, these items are not sold anymore in regular stores no matter how much you are willing to pay. Unfortunately, this merchandise is not easy to find at a good enough price to resale as people realize the appreciation in the market. You won't see a lot of Luxury Resale stores around, not because it is not a good business but because a constant supply of perfectly fine, barely used, recent style Luxury goods, is not easy to find. "We constantly travel to different cities in the US to find these items" said Luis Toache, owner of The Tough Boot & Co. A Luxury Resale and Rare Vintage Store that specializes in Men's Fashion in Atlanta, Ga. The major challenge in this business is to keep up the quality of merchandise offered to the customer. As smaller cities continue to grow at unprecedented pace, so does the demand for new and exciting products and services to satisfy a more knowledgeable and cosmopolitan audience. At this pace it is just a matter of time until you hear about an amazing Luxury Resale shop opening up in your town.