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Customer Care

The TBCo. Heirloom Quality is a brand and culture focused on personal growth and individuality.

We are committed to share inspiration to curate a man’s lifestyle with an integration of genuine common interests and the pursuit of constant betterment. Using history as a reference point, our style is full of classic and timeless elements that remind us of the times when quality and character were important.

Our quality trademark is full classic design elements. A mixture of classic refinement and the endless search for adventure. 

Our merchandise is formed of three departments;

New heritage brands, with high end national and International brands like Schott, Loake and Pendleton.

Rare vintage archives with one of a kind garments and accessories collected from our trips around the world. 

Custom atelier with a detailed program of made to measure garments for any occasion.

Our stores are dedicated to assist you and create a personal relationship. Louis Toache, our Director of operations personally oversees every service experience and he is available at the store to receive your feedback. 

Privacy & Safety

Your privacy is important to us. The TBCo. only collects information our customers have personally submitted/requested to our newsletter or social media administrator through digital submission or instore guestbook or personal request. 

we use third party companies to process our advertising, booking, and payment processing with their own policies. 

We pay close attention to our customers experience and satisfaction and we are always open to receive feedback to improve your personal experience.


Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments

Payment Methods
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